Rosebud, Alberta
is a Hamlet in southern Alberta Canada within Wheatland County It is located on Highway 840 approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi) northeast of Calgary and 25 kilometres (16 mi) southwest of Drumheller. It sits in a beautiful spot... tucked in the Rosebud River Valley.

Rosebud sits in a sheltered valley on the Rosebud River  near the edge of the Canadian Badlands. This area was called Akokiniskway by the Blackfoot people, which translates roughly to "by the river of many roses".

The Heritage of the area is treasured by its people and you definitely get the sense of that pride as you walk down the street...Stop in for lunch, Golf or peek into the small shops.
For a special treat,plan to catch the world class Dinner Theatre show.

There is a population of approx 100 but because of tourism and the  Arts School,the population grows and contracts from season to season

Currently the primary industries within the Hamlet are tourism and the arts. Agriculture along with oil and gas production are significant industries in the surrounding area.
Redland is a neighboring Hamlet, just west of Rosebud.