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Fall maintenance

I know that it doesnt look like fall out there today.... But its suppose to be much nicer by the weekend and you can continue your Fall Maintenance on your home

Ensure that the ground around your home slopes away from the foundation wall, so that water does not drain into your basement.
Clean leaves from eavestroughs and roof, and test downspouts to ensure proper drainage from the roof.
Drain and store outdoor hoses. Close interior valve to outdoor hose connection and drain the hose bib (exterior faucet), unless your house has frost-proof hose bibs.
Have well water tested for quality. It is recommended that you test for bacteria every six months.
If you have a septic tank, measure the sludge and scum to determine if the tank needs to be emptied before the spring. Tanks should be pumped out at least once every three years. .
Winterize landscaping, for example, store outdoor furniture, prepare gardens and, if necessary, protect young trees or bushes for winter. .

A quick reminder that hiring a professional to help with any area of your home that youre not familiar with is always suggested.This list is only a small portion of an extensive list of maintenance tips and more suggestions will be posted every few days. Your largest investment deserves it.
thanks to CHMC for some helpful tips