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Fall maintenance

FALL is a Friendly reminder that its time to get our homes ready for Winter. These HOME maintenance tips help get your property ready for the harsh reality of how tough winter can be on our biggest asset. Regular maintenance helps maintain value in our homes.  If you have any questions....dont hesitate to ask us at STRATHMORE REAL ESTATE.COM
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Check to see that bathroom exhaust fans and range hoods are operating properly. If possible, confirm that you are getting good airflow by observing the outside vent hood (the exterior damper should be held open by the airflow.
Check smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms, and replace batteries.
Clean portable humidifier, if one is used.
Check sump pump and line to ensure proper operation, and to ascertain that there are no line obstructions or visible leaks.
Replace window screens with storm windows
Remove interior insect screens from windows to allow air from the heating system to keep condensation off window glass and to allow more free solar energy into your home.
Ensure windows and skylights close tightly; repair or replace weatherstripping, as needed.
Ensure all doors to the outside shut tightly, and check other doors for ease of use. Replace door weatherstripping if required.
If there is a door between your house and the garage, check the adjustment of the self-closing device to ensure it closes the door completely.

A quick reminder that hiring a professional to help with any area of your home that youre not familiar with is always suggested.This list is only a small portion of an extensive list of maintenance tips and more suggestions will be posted every few days. Your largest investment deserves it.
thanks to CHMC for some helpful tips