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Fall maintenance


Waking up and its  2c this Morning...    YIKES! .... REALITY CHECK....  FALL is fast approaching
And its time to review our Fall HOME Maintenance list again.
These tips are meant to prepare our homes for the harshness of the season.Here are some ideas on that list

*Have furnace or heating system serviced by a qualified service company every two years for a gas furnace, and every year for an oil furnace, or as recommended by the manufacturer.
*    If you have central air conditioning, make sure the drain pan under the cooling coil mounted in the furnace plenum is draining properly and is clean.                                                                                                                                        
*Lubricate circulating pump on hot water heating system
* Bleed air from hot water radiators.

*Disconnect the power to the furnace and examine the forced-air furnace fan belt, if installed, for wear, looseness or noise; clean fan blades of any dirt buildup.
*Check chimneys for obstructions such as nests

Stay Tune for more tips.

Please ask an expert for any advise/help regarding these suggestions. This is a suggested list of TO DOS and hiring a professional to help is suggested.